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Discover cutting tools for the most demanding production applications.

"Let your company test advanced technology solutions from established experts who produce more than 30,000 leading-edge tools annually.

We are trusted by the leaders of Slovenian industry, such as:

A tool that only a diamond can shape 

All our cutting tools are made from extremely hard carbides, formed by diamond grinding on our modern computer-controlled CNC machines. This ensures reliable and precise shaping of your cutting tools. 


Carbide is a sintered material (a heat treatment that gives products much greater hardness and strength) invented in 1923 at the Krupp Works. They are known worldwide by their trade name WIDIA, which is derived from the German word WIE DIAMANT (hard as a diamond). 

In practice, this means that you are getting your hands on a quality cutting tool that will have a place in your production for many years to come. 

“All of our custom cutting tools are made from high-quality carbide, which is considered one of the most efficient cutting materials in the world. This ensures excellent durability and quality of the cutting tools.” 

-Anže Gabrovšek, production manager at Kovinos 

Why should you choose Kovinos?

We will help you overcome challenges and make your production more cost-effective, which will make us your reliable (and safest) partner!

Increased profitability of production

When manufacturing cutting tools, we do not compromise on their quality.

On the contrary, we are always looking for solutions that are more durable, that make machining cheaper for our partners and that contribute to more profitable production.

Quickly finding the right cutting tool

We can help you to find the optimal cutting tool already in the development phase.

Our team of experts (with more than 30 years of experience) will help you find the ideal and fastest solution to your problem.

The safest partner

Cutting tools are perfectly matched to the requirements of the customer and the machine to be used.

In addition to the superior durability of our cutting tools, we also provide support throughout the lifespan of the tool.

“The production of cutting tools with short delivery times is a necessity demanded by the market. Our goal is to offer our customers solutions that reduce the production time in serial production and thereby lower the cost of processing.”

– Anže Gabrovšek, Production Manager

Who we are.

We are a Slovenian company with more than three decades of experience in the field of high-performance machining tools, which we supply to the most experienced technology experts in demanding high-volume productions and to the most demanding toolmaking companies.

What we offer to our partners:

Lower production costs

Customized cutting tools

Support throughout the complete lifespan of the blade

Safe production process

Faster production

Your trust means everything to us!

A proof of quality that shows that our products and services meet the highest quality standards, while confirming our commitment to continuous improvement of our company’s work processes.

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Frequently asked questions and answers:​

Customized machining tools are intended for experienced professionals who take care of the most demanding large-scale production or smaller tooling companies.

In addition to tool making, we also offer grinding and refurbishing of your old machining tools, which can save you between 50% and 90% of the cost of buying new tools.

Not only will your machining tools be (almost) like new after refurbishment, but you will also save a lot of money that would normally be required to buy new tools.

We can only restore your machining tool if the blade is not too damaged yet. So don’t hesitate and check if we can restore your tool…

We have more than three decades of experience in tool making and manufacturing high quality machining tools. We supply our machining tools to the most experienced technologists in demanding high volume production, tool and die manufacturing.

The trust of our partners means everything to us. That’s why we are proud of our ISO 9001 certification, which proves that all our products and services meet the highest quality standards.

Yes, of course. Contact us under: or call us at +386 (0)1 750 03 36. (We are available every working day between 06:30 and 14:30).