We are trusted by the best

A new cutting tool does not represent a large expense. Large expenses only arise when a tool fails.
Experts know this. Today, after more than a quarter century, we are trusted by those who manufacture the most complex parts of the best brands, including the automotive and motorcycle industries. Through our cooperation with foreign and domestic companies, we have worked for recognized global corporations for decades.

More profitable production

It is always possible to create a cheaper tool if compromises are made. We do not make compromises. We always look for solutions that are durable and enable cheaper machining. Not only do we take into account our client’s requirements, but also aspects that our client might not have thought about, but nevertheless contribute to a more profitable and worry-free production.

Quick way to the right tool

We can support you from the development phase, in streamlining for a more profitable production. Our team includes engineers who boast considerable mileage in terms of experience. It is our desire to provide you with a solution that not only works but is ideal – and we do it quickly. Our long-term clients recognise us as expert problem solvers. We work for them with the same commitment that we engage when working for ourselves.

The safest partner

Having built our experience over two and a half decades, we assist experienced technologists in obtaining top-quality cutting tools for complex large-scale production lines. We manufacture cutting tools that are fully adapted to our client’s needs and machines, featuring superior durability, and with excellent support throughout the tool life-cycle. Because we assist to solve challenges and reduce production costs, we are viewed as a reliable partner and the safest choice.