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Grinding and restoration of your machining tools

Restore your machining tools to their original condition and increase their lifespan by up to 150 %

Reliable and accurate reconstruction

On our high-tech - computer-controlled - CNC machines, your machining tools are ground and processed with diamond grinding wheels.

Wide range of machining tools

In order to achieve perfection in sharpening your old machining tools, our scope of activities mainly includes a wide range of milling cutters, drilling tools, circular saws, screw taps, chisels and reamers.

“Grinding and reconditioning of machining tools is a necessity demanded by the market. Our goal is to offer our customers solutions that reduce the production time in serial production as well as the cost of machining.”

-Anže Gabrovšek, Production Manager

Discover all the advantages of refurbishing your old machining tools

Lower procurement costs

By grinding and reconditioning your old machining tools, you can save up to 90% of the cost of buying new ones.

Precise restoration of blades

Your machining tools will be (almost) as good as new after reconditioning, saving you the cost you would normally spend on new tools.

Excellent protection

For the most demanding materials, we can provide your machining tools with a tough superhybrid coating that offers excellent protection against premature tool wear.

Increased service life

Superhybrid coatings increase the life of your machining tools by up to 150%. This means you can perform more demanding operations with the same tool.

*Note: We can only restore your machining tool if the cutting edge is not too damaged yet. So don’t hesitate and check if we can restore your machining tool using the link below.

“A new cutting tool is not a big expense. A bigger expense is when something goes wrong with the tool.”

– Robert Gabrovšek, CEO of Kovinos

Who we are.

We are a Slovenian company with more than three decades of experience in the field of high-performance machining tools, which we supply to the most experienced technology experts in demanding high-volume productions and to the most demanding toolmaking companies.

What we offer to our partners:

Lower production costs

Customized cutting tools

Support throughout the complete lifespan of the blade

Safe production process

Faster production

Your trust means everything to us!

A proof of quality that shows that our products and services meet the highest quality standards, while confirming our commitment to continuous improvement of our company’s work processes.

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Frequently asked questions and answers:

Grinding and refurbishing of machining tools is suitable for those who want to extend the life of their old machining tool and at the same time increase its durability so that they can perform more demanding work with the same tool.

Your machining tools will be (almost) like new after refurbishment, and you will save a great number of costs that you would normally spend on new tools.

We have more than three decades of experience in toolmaking and the production of high-end cutting tools. We supply our cutting tools to the most experienced technologists in demanding high-volume production as well as machine and toolmaking facilities.

The trust of our partners means everything to us. That’s why we are proud of our ISO 9001 certification, which proves that all our products and services meet the highest quality standards.

Yes, of course. Contact us under: or call us at +386 (0)1 750 03 36 (We are available every working day between 06:30 and 14:30).