High-quality regrinding

Correct reconditioning of cutting tools may save 50 to 90% of the cutting tool purchase price.

We provide regrinding of a complete set of cutting tools for metal machining by use of numerically controlled regrinding machines. We sharpen a range of cutting tools: various milling cutters, drill bits, circular saws, threaded rods, countersinkers and counterborers.

Cutting tool protective coatings

In addition to tool sharpening, we offer superior multilayer coating of reconditioned tools, which returns the tool to virtually original function. We apply layers of highly advanced TiAlN, TiN and CrN based coatings to our cutting tools, as well as the novel nanolayer super-nitride blue-coloured TiAlN-BLUE coating. These coatings are distinguished by a smooth surface and good adhesion. They are well-suited for cutting tool protection in machining the most demanding materials.

Can your tools be reconditioned?

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