We are trusted by the most demanding experts

When working for global multinational corporations, there is no room for mistakes.
Experts know this. Today, after decades, we are trusted by those who manufacture tools for products of the best brands, including the automotive and motorcycle industries. For decades we have worked for recognised foreign and domestic companies that cooperate with global corporations.

Standard tools are in stock, non-standard tools are made to order

A combination of top-quality Walter standard tools and our proprietary standard tools meets the entire range of requirements. As the tools are in stock, the delivery time is extremely short. You may choose to order top-quality non-standard tools at any time, enabling you to substantially reduce time and production costs.

Save 50-90% on new tool costs

Sometimes it is not necessary to immediately replace a tool with a new one.
We provide in-house tool reconditioning services for all tools. When used appropriately, a tool can be reconditioned several times, thus prolonging the life of the tool and significantly reducing the cost of purchasing the cutting tool.

The safest partner

For more than a quarter century, we have assisted experienced technologists and toolmakers to quickly procure top-quality cutting tools. We sell or manufacture cutting tools that are fully adapted to your needs, feature superior durability and we provide the fastest possible support throughout the tool life-cycle. Because we work with you to solve challenges and assist in reducing your production costs, we are a reliable partner and the safest choice.