cutting tools

Non-standard custom-made cutting tools can be used instead of using two, three or even more standard tools at a time. Kovinos is best-known for solutions that are technologically demanding.

Standard Kovinos
cutting tools

For users of standard tools, Kovinos has a readily available basic set of tools. We manufacture standard tools with the same precision that we apply to making the most complex special tools.

Standard Walter
cutting tools

With its top-quality standard tool brands Walter, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp, the Walter company offers a broad portfolio of standard drilling, milling, turning and threading tools.

Regrinding of
cutting tools

Regrinding of cutting tools is a high-quality reconditioning which can reduce the costs of material machining. Provided that the cutting edge is not too damaged.

We are trusted by the most demanding technologists

A new cutting tool does not represent a large expense. Large expenses only arise when a tool fails. Experts know this. Today, after more than a quarter century, we are trusted by those who manufacture the most complex parts of the best brands, including the automotive and motorcycle industries. Through our cooperation with foreign and domestic companies, we have worked for recognized global corporations for decades.

Boost your competitive advantage

We enable our partners to mitigate worries and cut production costs, thus lowering the manufacturing cost and increasing competitive advantage. We realize this with tools that are fully adapted to our partners’ needs and machines, by featuring superior durability, and by providing excellent support throughout the tool life-cycle. Furthermore, we reliably and promptly solve challenges.

More profitable production

Are you looking for cheaper tools or for cheaper machining? If the latter, take advantage of our decades of experience. At Kovinos we do not make compromises. We always look for solutions that are durable and reduce the costs of our client’s production, not of our tools. We take into account all aspects that contribute to a more profitable and worry-free production.

Tools adapted to your needs

We know that no two clients have the same requirements. This is why we never approach clients in the same way. First we listen, and only then begin to search for answers. We take into account even the smallest detail and deliver customized solutions to our clients. Our long-term clients recognise us as experts in solving challenges. We work for them with the same commitment that we engage when working for ourselves.

Life-long support

We provide support to our clients throughout the production life-cycle. Our clients are our partners. We take care of you with the same enthusiasm we invest in making the tool, even after the purchase is completed. We are a long-term partner to the best technologists. We ensure that they do not encounter any problems, which is why they keep working with us.

The safest provider of cutting tools

For two and a half decades, we have assisted experienced technologists who oversee complex, large-scale production lines or tool manufacture. We manufacture cutting tools that are fully adapted to our client’s needs and machines, featuring superior durability, and with excellent support throughout the tool life-cycle. Because we assist in solving challenges and reducing production costs, we are a reliable partner to the best technologists, and are the safest choice for them.

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